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Examine and Make Safe in Sur face Mines, Quarries, Dumps and Stockpiles (MQA/SP/0175/18 (A) & (B)

According to the Mines Health and Safety Act and Regulations (Act 29 of 1996), and for purposes of Regulation 14.1 (1) and 14.1 (5), competent person means a person who has been assessed and found competent to examine, make safe and declare a workplace safe.

Blasting Assistant in Surface Mines and Quarries (SP-CLA-G017)

In terms of the Explosives Regulations under the Mine Health and Safety Act, a competent person is required as a blasting assistant.
The competencies required by the Blasting Assistant are:

  • Safe receipt, storage, issuing and transportation of explosives (control ) ;
  • The preparation of primers;
  • The charging of blast holes with explosives or the placing of explosive charges;
  • The connecting up of blasting rounds or circuits, and T
  • To assist with the safeguarding of persons against the significant hazards
    associated with the use of explosives.

Occupational Health and Safety Representative. This training is based on the Skills Programme Occupational Health & Safety Representative (MQA/SP/0120/10).

Learners that have achieved this skills programme are able to represent employees on all aspects of occupational health and safety, thereby exercising their rights and powers in terms of Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) Section 30, as we l l a s identify and report on potential hazards and risks associated to occupational health or safety.

Operate Mobile Equipment for Surface Excavations (MQA/SP/0177/19).

Training of the Mobile Equipment and on-the-job assessment is conducted on-site using the client ’s own equipment by highly qualified, efficient and effective trainers and assessors. The duration of each machine is determined by the credits allocated to each unit standard and previous experience of the individual underground training at the time.

Some examples of the Mobile Equipment for Sur face Excavations that we are accredited for is listed below: –

  • Articulated Dump Truck
  • Rigid Dump Truck
  • Front end Loader
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