Blasting Assistant in Surface Mines and Quarries (SP-CLA-G017)

In terms of the Explosives Regulations under the Mine Health and Safety Act, a competent person is required as a blasting assistant.

The competencies required by the Blasting Assistant are:

  • Safe receipt, storage, issuing and transportation of explosives (control ) ;
  • The preparation of primers;
  • The charging of blast holes with explosives or the placing of explosive charges;
  • The connecting up of blasting rounds or circuits, and T
  • To assist with the safeguarding of persons against the significant hazards associated with the use of explosives.

People with this skills programme will be able to comply with part of the Explosives Regulations under the Mine Health and Safety Act in terms of the competencies specified for blasting assistants but excluding the duties covered by the Skills Programme for the Management of Explosives Magazines on Mines and Quarries.

Persons who have achieved this skills programme can vertically progress towards the National Certificate in Rock breaking Level 3 Sur face Excavations as well as other similar qualifications in the Sur face Mining/Quarrying sector.

Other applications of the skills programmes This skills programme would also be useful for responsible persons handling explosives within the Chemical and Construction sectors. People credited with this Ski l l s Programme are able to be appointed as Assistant Blasters in an Open cast and Quarry Mine blasting activities.




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