Best of Both(Examine & Make Safe + Blasting Assistant)

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A combination of two skills programme that will empower a learner to diverse in competence and achieve a much more holistic growth to career development. The competence enables the learner to potential climb up the NQF ladder quicker so as the appointments in the mining industry. The two skills programme complement each other and further empowers the learner to be broader in job market space search.

This combined skills programme will attract one more skills programme that will be given to the learner for free by the Director, it is the Directors wish to assist with unemployment in the republic hence the ‘Best of Both’. Engage directly with the Operations manager when registering for this course and enjoy the benefits.
Course outcome upon completion will be both the Blasting assistant course, competent person A and the other selected by the director, plus CV and Interview coaching for free. Take up the offer before it Ends.

Skills Programme.

Occupational Health & Safety Representative (MQA/SP/0120/10)

People credited with this skills programme are able to represent employees on all aspects of occupational health and safety, thereby exercising their rights and powers in terms of Mine Health and Safety Act (Act 29 of 1996) Section 30, as well as identify and report on potential hazards and risks associated to occupational health or safety.


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