Drilling and Blasting Operations

At Mzila Institute of Excellence SA (Pty) Ltd, our visionextends beyond traditional learning to encompass thespecialized realm of drilling and blasting operations. We arededicated to becoming the foremost learning institution ofchoice in this field, recognized not only for our commitmentto education but also for our unwavering pursuit ofexcellence in drilling and blasting practices. Service Excellence: In addition to education, we are also atrusted service provider in drilling and blasting operations.Our commitment to excellence extends to the field, wherewe deliver exceptional drilling and blasting services thatmeet and exceed client expectations.
Our expert team handles rock breaking and blasting to prepare construction sites, ensuring a safe and efficient foundation for your projects.
We provide precise rock breaking and blasting services tailored to your specific project requirements, including the excavation of trenches, dams, swimming pools, and foundation preparation.
We specialize in bulk blasting operations, efficiently handling large-scale projects such as mine over burden removal and other extensive earthmoving tasks.
We prioritize safety and environmental responsibility, providing precision blasting solutions for projects in environmentally sensitive or densely populated areas.
Our team is equipped to perform blasting operations in mining environments, including the removal of overburden, overhangs, and topsoil to access valuable mineral resources.
In situations where traditional explosives cannot be used, we offer non-explosive rock breaking and demolition services, ensuring safety and compliance with regulations.
Our mobile drilling teams are equipped to efficiently drill blast holes, an essential step in any successful blasting operation.
We have the capability to perform both explosive and non-explosive blasting, as well as mechanical demolition of concrete and other man-made structures, ensuring flexibility in project execution.


  • Transportation of Explosives and accessories
  • Organising CTP permits and Bench Delivery permits
  • General advise on the drilling and blasting matters

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