Examine and Make Safe in Surface Mines, Quarries, Dumps and Stockpiles (MQA/SP/0175/18 (A) & (B)

According to the Mines Health and Safety Act and Regulations (Act 29 of 1996), and for purposes of Regulation 14.1 (1) and 14.1 (5), competent person means a person who has been assessed and found competent to examine, make safe and declare a workplace safe

Such competent persons must ensure, if at any time a working place or part thereof becomes unsafe during a shift, that :

  • All persons, other than those examining and making safe, are removed from such unsafe area
  • No persons are permitted to return thereto until declared safe by a competent person.

This skills programme has been designed to cover much more that the Fall of Ground basic requirement, a much more broader view is incorporated to ensure that employees adopt a much more pro-active approach to safety and environment at all times.


People found competent in this skills programme comply with the Fall-of-Ground regulations as stipulated by the Minister of Minerals and Energy. These regulations require a competent person to examine and make safe a workplace, commonly known as Competent Person A, this skills programme is registered with the Mining Qualifcations Authority (MQA).

There are two Skills Programmes relating to Fall of Ground (FOG) Regulations are covered:

Persons who have achieved this skills programme can vertically progress towards the National Certificate in Rock breaking Level 3 Surface Excavations as well as other similar qualifications in the Surface Mining/Quarrying sector.




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